10 Science Facts You Never Learned in School

Our world, and everything in it, is an amazing place. Full of all kinds of interesting and thought-provoking facts, that sometimes might feel counterintuitive. Therefore, I am going to share with you 25 science facts that you probably did not learn in school.

A Laser Can Get Trapped in Water

I am not kidding you, yes. It is because of an awesome thing called totally internal reflection and it is applied when pointing a laser beam through a container of water. When light traverses the water, it is slowed by the heavier particles in water. Thus, the laser beam effectively gets “trapped” in the water

The Human Stomach Can Dissolve Razor Blades

If you accidently swallow a razor blade, do not worry. The human body can handle more then you might think. Acids are ranked on a scale of 0 to 14, the lower the pH level, the stronger the acid. A typical human stomach’s contains acid that is often around 1.0 to 2.0, meaning that it has an impeccably strong pH. In a study, scientists found that the “thickened back of a single-edged blade” dissolved after two hours in stomach acid.

A Cloud Can Weigh Over a Million Pounds

Your childhood dreams of floating on a weightless cloud may get rained on with this next fact: the average cumulus cloud often weights up to a million pounds. That is insanely heavy! That is about as heavy as the world’s largest passenger jet. So, before you hop on a plane it is important to know what the weather will be like.

Soil is Alive and Well

In just one teaspoon of soil, there are more microorganisms than people on the planet, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “Millions of species and billions of organisms, bacteria, microscopic insects, earth warms, fungi and more – represent the highest concentration of biomass anywhere on the plant.”

Rats Laugh When Being Tickled

These small cheese lovers are more dynamic then we might initially think. Rats have the ability to “laugh” when ticked. A National Geographic video demonstrates that rates seem to enjoy tickling. And they even chase after the researcher’s hand in a playful manner. So, the next time you plan to call a pest control expert, who you might have found on platforms like (, for killing the friendly neighbourhood rat, think about its smiling and joyful face.

Only Two Letters do not Appear in the Periodic Table

The letters J and Q do not appear anywhere on the periodic table. Go ahead and double check. I am happy to wait.

Bananas are Radioactive

For one of our weirdest science facts, bananas contain potassium, and since potassium decays, that makes them ever so slightly radioactive. But this is one of those fun science facts you do not need to worry about. You would need to eat around 10,000,000 bananas at once to die of radiation poisoning.

Hot Water Freezes faster than Cold Water

This fact might feel counterintuitive, but it is called the Mpemba effect, after a Tanzanian student named Erasto Mpemba who told his teacher that a hot mixture of ice cream froze faster than a cold one. Scientists now believe this is because the velocities of water particles have a specific disposition while they are hot that enables them to freeze more readily. If this is indeed correct, this finding could also have implications in daily life, like cooling down electronic devices.

Cold Water Heats up Faster than Hot Water

The previous fact works in the opposite direction as well, the researchers who investigated the cause of the Mpemba effect made this discovery in addition. They named the phenomenon the inverse Mpemba effect.

Water can Exist in Three States at Once

This is called the Triple Boil, and at that temperature, water exists as a gas, a liquid, and a solid all at the same time. It requires very specific conditions to achieve, so do not even think about giving it a go at home.