7 Essential Skills of a Great Photographer

Despite having high-quality cameras on our phones, hiring professional photographers is becoming increasingly popular. The demand for high-quality photography is on the rise, with blog sites like Funk Trunk Chicago showing how photographers can earn money doing this job that they love. Photographers do this mainly by working in events such as weddings, homecomings, and anniversaries, among others. For some professional photographers, this is a career, while for others, it is a hobby or art. If you’re shooting for a paying client, you’ll need to consider the weather before choosing your clothes. You’ll want to look smart and professional but if it’s a hot day outside, plan your outfit accordingly! Obviously, if you’re taking photos as a hobby you can wear whatever you like! It’s just something I forgot to consider when I first started out. Anyway, let me share with you some seven skills every photographer needs to acquire.

Adopt a Good Posture When Holding the Camera

The sharpness of any photo depends partly on the stability of the photographer. The outcome of a shaky focus is a blurry, unclear photo. During a shoot, a photographer aims to control body movement as much as possible and maintain a great stance. When taking pictures while standing, there are several techniques one can practice:

  • Tucking in elbows and upper arms against the chest
  • Exhaling or holding breath before releasing the shutter
  • Standing with feet apart and firmly planted

Understand the Lighting

Light has technical aspects that affect photos and each camera differently. A great photographer spends some time examining the light before a shoot to determine if the light is hard, soft, flat, original, etc. This uses tools such as exposure, white balance, and ISO, which are so easy to use for a successful final image.

Learn How to Focus

A sharp and clear focus on a subject matter has a recognizable impact on a photo. This skill is critical and mainly grown by gaining more experience through practice. Focus issues are mainly a result of using plodding shutter speed to freeze the motion or camera blurring due to moving the camera while at the same time pressing the shutter. That being said, blurry pictures can be fixed with enhancement tools, so it’s worth hanging on to blurry shots too and seeing what you can do with them once the photo is on your computer.

Read the Camera’s Manual

I know that getting a new camera is exciting – especially if you’ve been able to get it with a discount thanks to somewhere like Raise ( It is not surprising, therefore, that most photographers take a new camera out of the box and start taking pictures without even taking a look at the manual. It is very likely for the photographer to miss out on some exciting features that help increase a picture’s quality. It is critical to go through the manual, which also teaches how to operate the camera easily and for the best results.


Anyone can use a camera to take pictures. However, a professional photographer looks at a subject and can make a more exciting and unusual photo. Photographers are so skilled that they can change an entire look of a picture through something as simple as a different posture.

Take Care of the Camera

To continue producing beautiful images, which meet the expected standards, every camera body and lens needs good care. All photographers should try and practice the following maintenance skills for cameras:

  • Using camera straps to avoid dropping a camera during a shoot
  • Making use of the lens cap to prevent dust and rain from getting into the lens
  • Cleaning dirt and moisture from the body as soon and frequently as possible
  • Ensuring the memory card is removed only when the camera is off

Practice Without Tiring

It is easy to distinguish a good photographer from a great one. A great photographer is never too far away from their camera or equipment, and any chance to go out and practice is eagerly accepted. Most of the skills that are essential in photography are acquired through continuous practice. The quality of photos of a beginner keeps on increasing with time and experience.

Photography at the moment is highly competitive with many self-acclaimed professional photographers. Real professional photographers are equipped with all the above skills and have a reputation that speaks for itself. One does not necessarily have to undertake any class to qualify as a great photographer. Practicing frequently with a good camera is another way to go about it.