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How to Ask for a Raise and Get it: Beating the Gender Pay Gap

Many women understand that in this world there are plenty of inequalities. Men do get paid more than women for the same work and experience. It can be hard to get the money you deserve as a woman. So, are you a working woman who wants to boost her earning? If so, I am about to teach you about how to beat the gender pay gap, asking for a raise and getting it.

As a Women, Getting Better Pay Starts with You

If you want to be paid fairly, as you should be, you are going to have to put your best foot forward. That starts with asking for a raise. Because sure, there are a lot of reasons why women may make less over time. For example, generally we take more time out of our careers to take care of the kids. Us women could also take care of sick parents, support our partner, deal with health issues and so on. We all take this on with a smile. Unpaid for years of hard work out of the paid workforce slowing or stopping our careers entirely.

This can be a huge issue for a women who is looking to get back into her career after taking all that time out, for whatever reason. It can be a huge blockade for those that want to get back to where they once were. You will probably also read that women do not negotiate. We apparently do not negotiate when starting jobs, which puts us further behind, and that we do not ask for more pay.

In my personal experience, I am not sure I agree, many of my friends have told me they asked for raises but have no received them. Perhaps there is a different approach that women need to take compared to their male counterparts.

So how do you ask for a raise and actually get it

If you want to get a raise, it is smart to understand how much those who do similar work to you are paid. Ideally compare work with similar experience if you can. If you cannot do that, use websites that provide salary insight data. There are tons of them, only a google search away. Then set up a meeting with your boss.

Go in with all the data at your fingertips ready to prove that you deserve a raise. Make a strong argument that includes your accomplishments. This will help you make the case for that raise. Then ask for it. If that fails, then that means it was not at the right time. It might be a good idea to ask again before company budgets are finalised so you can make a stronger case again in 3-6 months. You work hard and deserve a raise just as much as anyone else.

Approach things from a Position of Power when you Ask Again

Understand that you are providing an invaluable service for your employer. If you are exceling you need to walk into that next meeting with a lot of power behind you. There is always more you can learn so if you feel like you did not have enough information before, this time focus on how much you would like to make.

When you make your demands, be straight up with your boss. You can literally say something like “I have been doing a great job, I am being underpaid, and I want a raise to $X amount”. Your boss will appreciate you being so forthcoming. Often, they will say they do not know if the budget allows for it and that they will check. When they say that hold them too it. Schedule another meeting with them when they have the information or even if they do not reaffirm your case.

Ultimately, to break through that gender pay gap us women need to make sure we are heard so we get the pay raise that we deserve. So long as you keep working to a high standard and give your bosses every reason to give you a raise, when you keep asking, you will get a raise. It is just a matter of bringing the right data and getting straight to the point.