The Best Books for Learning Drumming

This list of the best drumming books contains books that will teach you how to play the drums. Some books will teach you how to read sheet music. Others may teach you how to read tablature or how to read drum charts. Others will teach you how to use drum loops or how to learn to play songs. But regardless of what book you choose, they will all teach you the basics and take you through the steps of learning how to read music or how to read drum charts.

Learning how to play the drums is one of the most rewarding and entertaining things you can do, and it is also fairly easy to learn. But there is so much information out there. How do you know which books to read? We’ve found the best books online to help get you started on your journey to mastering the drums and get you playing music!

About Drumming 

Drumming has long been a catalyst for human evolution, and while it has been used to enhance health, it has also clearly been used to achieve heightened consciousness. Since the dawn of time, people have connected to the drum through the beating of the heart. Whether it’s in the form of tribal rhythms or jazz, the heartbeat has always been the same, yet it has changed over the centuries, evolving to include more complex rhythms.

What is it about drummers that makes them so talented? Is it the weight of their sticks? The speed at which they play? The strength with which they hit the instrument? The speed with which they can move their hands? Drums come in all shapes and sizes, and the way you play them often depends on how you move your hands and arms.

If you’re a drummer, you know that there’s a lot more to playing drum kit than just striking a pair of sticks, right? Every drum kit has a unique layout that influences how you play.  It’s important to understand how to optimally use your kit so that you get the most out of every practice session.

The world of percussion is vast, and there is a lot to learn about it. There are so many variations on the drum set, so many types of mallets, so many types of strikes. But there are also so many ways to learn to play. If you want to learn to play the drums, there are so many ways!

10 Best Books Recommended for Learning Drumming

If you are looking for a way to learn to drum, you have probably noticed that there are a lot of books out there. But what is the one book you should be reading? Some books are better for beginners, some for intermediate players, and some for advanced players. Finding the right book for you is important.

Drumming is an incredible skill to learn. There are many books out there that teach you about the craft, but which ones are the best? This list includes the top drumming books to help you understand how to read rhythms, achieve consistency with practice, and get that all-important first drumming gig!

Here are the best books that can help you a lot with your learning:

Anatomy of Drumming: Move Better, Feel Better, Play Better

Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer

Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer

Joel Rothman’s Basic Drumming, Revised and Expanded Edition

The Breakbeat Bible: The Fundamentals of Breakbeat Drumming

Modern Drummer Presents Stick Technique: The Essential Guide for the Modern Drummer

The Art of Bop Drumming: Book & CD

Drums for Dummies

The Roots of Rock Drumming: Interviews with the Drummers Who Shaped Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

4-Way Coordination: A Method Book for the Development of Complete Independence on the Drum Set

So, after reading these books, you will learn how to play the drums and understand the basics of drumming theory. You’ll be ready to go on to the next step, which is to get a drum set, and buy a bunch of drum books, and probably a ton of drumsticks, and a metronome, and some drumheads.