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What Do Women Really Want from Online Dating

Now, being a male, I wouldn’t be able to conclude as to what I, personally, would actually want from online dating as a female. However, I could give some insight from my past experiences when using various dating services. Obviously, everyone is vastly different so not everyone will be searching for the exact same thing, although there will be similarities when making these comparisons into what different women could want when using online dating services.

Their Forever Person

Almost everyone wants a person they can treasure forever, while also being treasured back. Many people may get the feeling that online dating and the various applications or sites you can find only house profiles of people that are looking for a bit of fun for a night, or perhaps just for casual sex over a period of time. Of course, there will be people that are only wanting this from such services, but you will also find some women that are definitely wanting to find their Mr. Right. The constructs of dating are changing, and this means that it is most definitely possible to find someone you wish to spend the rest of your life with through online sites or apps. This process, though, could be a lot easier on these women if they knew what sites or apps actually would help in their search for their person. Perhaps if they read about these dating sites on websites such as, it could give them a clearer idea about what to expect going in. Moreover, depending on the kind of person they are, I certainly don’t think a woman that wants love would have any issues about finding that while online (if only she knew where to look), as love doesn’t have any limitations to what it actually is, it’s unique to the person and couple.

Shared Adventure and Exploration

Here we’re talking about a woman of any age wanting to find a friend or partner in order to have fun with, explore the world, go out and enjoy activities and the world. This could range from anything from simply enjoying a nice meal while getting to know someone, to going on a luxurious shared holiday and being pampered by the male. If you’re thinking that latter doesn’t really happen from online meetings, then it’s urged you look into what a sugar daddy could provide for the right female. Of course, not all women are wanting everything done or provided for them, some women may be fully independent people that are simply wanting someone to join them in seeing the world and experiencing many different things from around the world, as to cherish the memories later in life, especially if the women in question may be finding it hard to find “the one”.

A Boost in Confidence

Now, as I said I would have been writing from personal experience as a male, and yet, I haven’t really done that. This is the part in which that changes. A lot of women, especially younger women on a lot of various dating services tend to be on them due to wanting compliments and for a male to show them worth or value, instead of being their own person and validating themselves, they find this through dating applications and will speak to hundreds of men to validate themselves and remove their head from pondering over their own insecurities. On the other hand, men tend to get less attention as compared to women. This may lead men to be insecure and can motivate them to refrain from using dating sites. However, some men tend to overcome these insecurities and do go on dates. They may also use products like True Pheromones that can help them build their confidence while meeting a person of the opposite gender. Well, insecurities will never end, and everyone, absolutely everyone has them. So, for a woman to feel they need to sign up for an application to start talking to guys and receive praise and compliments is becoming a little problematic, as the praise, compliments and warmth women receive through dating sites could largely be because a man is wanting to woo a woman in the first connection with them, especially on platforms where the men far outweigh women. It could be rather unhealthy for women to get an idea that every man that they will ever talk to will be as sweet as they are within the first few weeks, some women that I have personally spoken with over dating sites have felt entitled to praise even when they don’t show much interest in the conversation or pursuing anything other than wanting to be flattered. Once again, not every woman will be like this at all, but it is something that males (no matter their reasoning for being on a dating site) will have to endure and it could feel to some as though they have been led on.

All in all, you will find women searching for a lot of different things while trying to date online, the best option for a male would be to join a platform that caters to a specific type of woman they’re looking for to decrease the likelihood of a woman wanting something different. For example, if you’re looking specifically for Muslim dating you can learn here about the different dating options. Online dating has helped many find their true loves, as well as many other types of partnerships people may wish to engage in. Have you even given online dating a go? How did you fair while online, or would you prefer to meet someone in the “old-fashioned” way?