Meet the AGMN Bloggers

Hey, we are the creators of the blog AG Market Network, the name is taken from an old domain from one of Sammy's friends and they weren't using it so we decided to take over and create our own blog! We are all students studying at college and trying to navigate through the world of studies into the big wide world of work. The aim of this blog is to have fun and if we happen to reach anyone then that is a bonus!

Thank you for visiting our page and have fun!


Hey, I'm Sophie some may say the nerd of the group but I just love to learn! I have a big interest in science (I'm studying chemistry) and music, which is where most of my input will be in regards to our blog.

Hopefully, it will be useful to all you other nerds out there!


Nice to meet you, I'm Alex! I'm training to become a doctor at med school and I am hoping to share some health knowledge with all yall who want to hear about it.

Don't worry no preaching just fun facts and helpful information!


Hey there! I'm Sammy the creative one from the group of scientists! I am studying photography and design at college, and I'm here to make this blog less of a snooze fest... Haha!

If you're reading this take advantage of the information and have fun!

We would love to hear what you think about our blog! 

We are always checking our messages and looking for ways to make a collaborative site for everyone to enjoy!


We all have a passion!

All the creators of AGMN have a passion for everything they talk about whether it is photography or science. We would love to use this opportunity to reach out to other people who share the same interests... Who knows maybe we'll be able to make our own study group!