About AGMN



AG Market Network is a trio of students with the idea to create a blog displaying their interests from their college studies. 

As a group of students, we explore ourselves to diversify our knowledge through sharing our knowledge and embarking on a constant learning journey. While this blog will be predominantly focused on our core learning subjects – such as Science, Photography, and Health; we will at times publish posts focused on other alternative curriculums; including but not limited to; Finance, Business, Sports, etc.

We’re Sophie, Alex, and Sammy – and together we make up the AG Market Network blog. 

A network of students who collaborate their knowledge to appeal to other people with similar interests and passions. It is a life choice for a knowledge seeker to seek out the unknown. For the unknown to become the known. To expand our knowledge so much so, that in our own rights, we can rightfully determine ourselves as teachers of the past, present, or future. 

We’re based in the US and all go to the same college. We are a collaboration of three different subject fields coming together to create a blog that is designed to intrigue and interest other people all over the world. 


The best thing is AGMN allows our members to publish their own thoughts into the public domain – uncensored and unchallenged.